35 Ideas For An Impressive Hallway Decor

You get your first impression from the very first steps you do in a house and most of the time, the first room you make contact with is the hallway. Although improperly considered a room, the hallway expresses an important part of the personality of your home. Therefore, when you start planning, you should offer proper attention to this space.

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30 Stylish Home Bar Ideas

Having a home bar is for many a dream came true. Usually, you can simply find a corner in the basement or the kitchen where to organize your bar area. Or you could have a cool bar close to the poolside.

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25 Walk-In Shower Ideas That Will Impress You

Planning a bathroom redesign? Don’t ignore a walk-in shower that creates a nice feeling for your new bathroom. The main advantages are its safety, especially for the elderly and the children, and its awesome minimalist style.

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Ocean Eye, A Wonderful Terrace House With Breath-Taking Views To The Ocean And The Jungle

Ocean Eye, this wonderful terrace house reveal breath-taking views of the nearby sea on one side and the wild jungle on the other. Studio Saxe implemented and coordinated the works for this unconventional dwelling. The architecture firm has always been dedicated to sustainable architecture, so the design, the selected materials, and the construction methods are all part of a larger strategy to work with the environment.

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25 Brilliant Rock Gardening Ideas

Creating a rock garden can bring a natural, rich beauty to any yard, no matter the filed condition. Plus, it’s one of the most fun and creative forms of gardening.

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60 amazing small kitchen design ideas

Small kitchens have their own charm. Moreover, their practicability can’t be surpassed by a large kitchen. A small kitchen it’s definitely cozier and you won’t spend a lot of time searching for something because it’s easier to keep things at hand.

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Sweden Summer House Amazingly Merges With The Surrounding Nature

This Sweden summer house transformed by Dive Architects celebrates great outdoors while enjoying the precious sun-filled days in the countryside. The residence is located three hours north of Stockholm, in a forest area of silver birch and pine trees on an isolated 2000 square meter plot.

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